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28 Sep 2006 Which Takes More Discipline, XP or Waterfall? Is XP an excuse for undiscplined hacking or is does it require more discipline than waterfall methods?
21 Sep 2006 Contract4J5 v0.6.0 Released A new release of my open-source Design by Contract tool for Java that is implemented using AspectJ
07 Sep 2006 Should You Ever Override Concrete Methods? There are several anti-patterns associated with overriding concrete methods, so don't do it!
14 Aug 2006 More on Rails and Ruby vs. Java and .NET More Thoughts on Why Rails is Important
04 Aug 2006 Extracting Usage Documentation from Tests Our tests document how to use our code. Why don't our documentation tools extract this information?
20 Jul 2006 Model-Driven Development: One Curmudgeon's View In which our intrepid mentor bloviates on the role, if any, of MDD