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FitNesse User Guide

Robert C. Martin
Micah D. Martin
Patrick Wilson-Welsh
October, 2008

Getting Started

What FitNesse is, a brief example, and how to install it on your computer.
A One-Minute Description What is FitNesse? Start here.
A Two-Minute Example A brief example. Read this one second.
Downloading, Installing, and Updating How to get FitNesse up and running on your machine.
Quick Reference Guide A cheat sheet for markups and usage.

Working With FitNesse Wiki Pages

FitNesse is a wiki web server. Learn how to use wiki features to create and change FitNesse pages.
Editing FitNesse Pages An intro to creating and changing FitNesse pages using the wiki markup language.
Working with Wiki Pages More FitNesse wiki page features.
Markup Language Reference A reference for formatting FitNesse pages using the wiki markup language.
Sub Wikis How to create hierarchies of FitNesse pages.
Special Wiki Functions Special things you can do with wikis.
Wiki Import Importing wiki pages from a remote FitNesse server
Symbolic Links Dynamically altering the wiki page structure
Special Pages Some pages in FitNesse that serve special purposes.

Tutorial: Creating and Organizing Acceptance Tests

Acceptance tests are what FitNesse is about. Learn why and how to make, run, and organize them.
Project Death by Requirements Why use automated acceptance tests? What goes wrong when we don't use them?
Test Systems Slim and Fit, the two major test systems of FitNesse.
Acceptance Tests What are the advantages of FitNesse automated acceptance tests?
Delivering the Right System An intro to how software teams can use FitNesse to build better systems.
Creating Test Tables Creating and enabling test tables on FitNesse pages.
Graceful Names Managing the names of fixtures, packages, and variables
Test Table Styles The different styles and uses of test tables and corresponding fixtures.
Test Suites How to group many test pages into a suite; then tag, search, and execute them..
Acceptance Test Patterns Some patterns we have seen emerge while writing FitNesse Acceptance Tests.
Test History The results of all test runs are recorded. You can access and display those results at any time.

Tutorial: FitNesse Fixtures

Fixture Code An intro to the fixture code that lets you run FitNesse tables.
Class Path Telling FitNesse where your Fixture Code is.
Test Table Styles The styles of FitNesse test tables, and corresponding Fixture Code they use.
Fixture Gallery A walk through of the various Fit Fixtures
Debuging Fixture Code How to debug the testing code

FitNesse Plugins

There are several plugins for FitNesse that are avaiable at the following URL:
Source Code Control How to create a plugin for marrying FitNesse to your SCM system.
git plugin This plugin ships with FitNesse.

FitNesse Reference

Answers to all your other FitNesse questions.
Starting and Stopping The details of running and stopping the FitNesse wiki/web server
Development Environment Setting up your test development environment
Utilities Running FitNesse from a command line, Log files, import, export, and other similar matters.
Customizing Test Execution Modify the way tests are executed
Running Tests from the Command Line Running tests from the command line for ant and cruise control, etc.
RESTful Services Accessing FitNesse through URLs
Multi-Language Fitnesse Running tests written in languages other than Java
Security Managing the security of wiki pages
Customizing Look and Feel Changing the colors and layout of the various pages
Plugin Usage How to create and use plugins
Design Notes Various articles and discussions on the design of FitNesse.
FitNesse Tests The suite of acceptance tests for FitNesse itself.