AttentionMessagesInTestResults [add child]
You'll occasionally see a big ATTENTION message in your tests. This typically means that something went wrong with the test and either Fit or Fitnesse had to bail out. If you click on the ErrorLog link inside the message you'll be taken to a page that will show you everything we know about what went wrong, including any standard error output from any of your fixtures.

The page you are taken to when you click the ErrorLog link is ErrorLogs.yourPageName. This page is always created whenever you run a test, not just when there are errors. So even if you don't get the big ATTENTION message, you can still go to the appropriate ErrorLog page to see things like the command that was used to run your test, and the time it took to run the test, etc.

An ErrorLog page typically looks like this:

Date: 6:49:19 PM (CST) on Thursday, February 26, 2004
Command: java -cp fitnesse.jar;classes fit.FitServer
Exit code: 0
Time elapsed: 0.28 seconds

Standard Error:
 This is an error

Try Hitting Test Again

Some of the problems that cause the Attention messages are spurious and intermittent. You can sometimes get them to go away simply by hitting the Test button (or Suite button) again.