CommandLineTestRunner [add child]

The New TestRunner

usage: java fitnesse.runner.TestRunner [options] host port page-name
-html <filename|'stdout'> dump HTML results to a file or to standard output

If page name is a suite, all the tests in the suite will be executed.

The Deprecated version of TestRunner

It is now possible to run a test or a suite of tests from the command line using the TestRunner class.

java fitnesse.TestRunner [-v] <url>

The command takes one argument: a url of a FitNesse test execution. The exit value of execution will be the number of test failures.

For example, the following line would execute the single TestTables[?] test on

java fitnesse.TestRunner

Or we could execute all the acceptance tests located on

java fitnesse.TestRunner

If all is well, both executions should exit with 0. If you'd like to see a bit more output use the -v (verbose) option.

The intent here is to allow simple execution of all the the acceptance tests without opening a browser or starting a local FitNesse. This TestRunner could be incorporated into a build file or script to automate the execution of accetpance tests during the build process.