MarkupTable [add child]
Tables can be created very easily. Use the vertical stroke as the first character of the line, and separate each table cell with it:

Markup Text

Displays as:
Beta gamma Delta
1 2 3

You can use most wiki markup directives in table cells, including !c, !1, !2, !3, bold, and italic.

Literal tables.

If you don't want any markup directives interpreted in the table, then you can use a special form that is preceded with a ! and like this:

Markup Text
!|ThisTableWillNotInterpret|!c any directives|'''it is treated'''|
|!1 like a literal|--and is especially useful--|''for test tables.''|
|^SinceTheyTend| * to have WikiWord symbols in them.|

Displays as:
ThisTableWillNotInterpret !c any directives '''it is treated'''
!1 like a literal --and is especially useful-- ''for test tables.''
^SinceTheyTend * to have WikiWord symbols in them.