MarkupVirtualWiki [add child]
!virtual wiki has been deprecated and this page describes the new method to set up a virtual wiki.

Sometimes you want to attach the pages of a remote sub-wiki to a page in your local wiki. You do this by setting the VirtualWiki property in a page's property window. The value to should be the URL of the remote page whose children you would like to appear as subpages.

See TestDevelopmentEnvironment for a justification of this feature.

For example: if on page MyWiki.MyPage you set VirtualWiki to then all the children of would become children of MyWiki.MyPage.

Try it out.
  1. Make this page a virtual parent by putting the following URL in the Virtual Wiki property in the property window.
  2. Add a !contents to the bottom of this page. Without this the virtual wiki will still work, but you won't see a convenient list of virtual sub pages.
  3. If you are using the newest version of FitNesse and your installtion has internet access, then you should see the children of shown as links below. If you click on one of those links you will note that the page background changes to blue. This is a hint that you are looking at a remote page.

If FitNesse has a problem connecting to a remote server it will create a page beneath the local page called VirtualWikiNetworkError. In this page you will find a stack trace of the exception received. As an example: MarkupVirtualWiki.VirtualWikiNetworkError

The previous implentation of VirtualWiki[?] made use of the special !virtualwiki widget. If you try to use it you will get the follwing message.
!virtualwiki has been deprecated. Use the Properties button instead.