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Wiki Markup Language Reference

The FitNesse markup language is straightforward to learn, and powerful enough to enable you to create richly-formatted and customized wiki pages. Below is a reference of so-called "widgets" for formatting text and accomplishing other things on wiki pages.

Markup Syntax
Italics Setting a word or phrase in italics.
Bold Setting a word or phrase in bold.
Strike Putting a strike through a word or phrase.
Style Setting the style of some text.
Cross Reference Add a cross reference to another page.
Headers Setting a line as a title or section header.
Centering Centering a line.
Notes Making a note.
Horizontal Rules Drawing a horizontal separator.
Images Placing a picture or image.
External links Creating a hyperlink to an external webpage.
Links Within Pages Creating links to anchors within the same page.
Wiki page links Creating a hyperlink to an internal wiki page.
Alias links Turning reqular words or images into links
Lists Creating bullet lists and numbered lists
Literal Text Preventing text from being interpreted.
Preformatted text Setting text as preformatted monofont
Comments Putting comments in markup text.
Variables Defining and expressing variables
Classpaths Marking a line as a directory path.
Tables Creating tables.
Hash Tables Creating lookup tables.
Table of Contents Generate a table of contents for a SubWiki.
Including Pulling the content from one page into another.
Last Modification Time Showing the time that a page was last modified.
Collapsable Sections Making a section of content collapsable and expandable
Today's Date Showing todays date in various formats and styles.