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07 Oct 2006 Estimating Patterns Tom D's wisdom for estimators recommended
27 Sep 2006 Collateral Effort Dealing with the sense of waste
27 Sep 2006 Don't refactor everything Refactor all your code? Not so!
26 Sep 2006 Sooner, not Faster Is agile development about going faster? I don't think so.
22 Sep 2006 Optimizing Away Estimates Goals, Estimates, Commitments
13 Sep 2006 More work or Less Work Doing less early means doing more later.
09 Sep 2006 Agile is More Work Is agile development more work for the programmer?
06 Sep 2006 Frameworks Frameworks are for the impatient
29 Aug 2006 How Many Feathers? How many feathers can you carry?
25 Aug 2006 Addicted to Expensive Tools? Do we drown in cool tools?
25 Aug 2006 Vertical Space Revisited Increase your density for clarity's sake
18 Aug 2006 What is it with vertical space Save a mouse, delete a blank line
16 Aug 2006 Refactor It Ugly Choose to be ugly for a little while
15 Aug 2006 Start Tight Avoid regrets with a harsh start
8 Aug 2006 You are so not alone Really not so different after all?
14 Jul 2006 Arguing with myself What goes around comes around
29 Jun 2006 Class Is Not A BASIC Program What's wrong with these classes?
29 Jun 2006 Classes Don't Encapsulate Classes don't encapsulate like they used to
27 Jun 2006 Tests are a language Could we build a trellis for growing our language?
27 Jun 2006 Apologizing for Code A comment is really an apology
24 Jun 2006 The Quiet Bullpen Listen for the sound of software
11 Apr 2006 The Cheesiest Thing That Might Work Elegance can wait for the green bar.
11 Apr 2006 Where do Your Tests Come From What are you going to do next, and why?
10 Apr 2006 Removing Redundancy Badly How not to refactor your code (TDD pathology #3)
16 Mar 2006 Testing Hypothetically Testing as if it were possible
25 Feb 2006 Harder than it sounds It all sounds so simple
22 Feb 2006 Maintain an Even Strain Spreading the pain like it was peanut butter
10 Feb 2006 Everything In Its Place Test Contaminated?
31 Jan 2006 Reckless Refactoring Recklessly refactoring considered harmful
19 Jan 2006 TDD Bumper Shots Testing the hard way - TDD Pathology #2
13 Jan 2006 Software Super Powers Would you like a cape with that?
9 Jan 2006 Mother May I? If we're playing this game, we are doing this backward - TDD pathology #1
6 Jan 2006 Naive Tests Don't Help You've got to know the territory
5 Jan 2006 Closing In I'm getting closer and closer...
4 Jan 2006 Stable API Is the API stable like the native type list?
29 Dec 2005 Reasons to Stay Wrong Do tests create stability you don't want?
28 Dec 2005 Debuggers? Yes A debugger is a handy tool after all
28 Dec 2005 Learn Dynamically Dynamic languages are more learnable
27 Dec 2005 Not Yet Test-Driven Maybe I don't get it.

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