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CopyAppendLastRowAndIncrementColumnValues [add child]

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What if you want to call the fixture 'n' times with the same row except you want to update one or two column's value?

Ex: If you are using fitnesse fixtures to populate database and you want to insert a record 500 times. It would be easy to write one model record and insert that 500 times. This can be easily done with the CopyAndAppendLastRow decorator. But the database table might have a primary key. So you might want to update the primary key in each row. Now you might want to pipe IncrementColumnsValue and CopyAndAppendLastRow decorators to get the job done.

Here is an example where I want to divide 5 by 1, 100 times, but I also want to update the numerator by 5 and denominator by 1.

Copy and Append Last Row 100 times
Increment Columns Value numerator of type int by 5
Increment Columns Value denominator of type int by 1
numerator denominator quotient()
5 1 5