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TestMovePageThreeLevelsDown [add child]

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BUG. There was a problem when moving a page that was three or more levels down from the root. Moving A.B.C to A.D.

First build a page, a subpage to move, and a target page to move it to.

Page creator.
Page name. Page contents. valid?
ParentPageAy >ChildBee true
ParentPageAy.ChildBee >ChildCee true
ParentPageAy.ChildDee page D true
ParentPageAy.ChildBee.ChildCee page C true

The bug seems to make ChildBee disapear, so let's see if it's there now.

Response Requester.
uri valid? contents?
ParentPageAy.ChildBee true  

Then move the sub page.

Response Requester.
uri status?

Next fetch old parent page and make sure the reference has been changed.

Response Requester.
uri valid? contents?
ParentPageAy.ChildBee true  

Response Examiner.
type pattern matches? wrapped html?
contents ParentPageAy.ChildDee.ChildCee true  

Make sure we can't get the old A.B.C page. Use the dontCreatePage query to suppress default creation of a non-existent page.

Response Requester.
uri valid? status?
ParentPageAy.ChildBee.ChildCee?getPage&dontCreatePage false 404