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TestLinearClassPath [add child]

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When you execute a test page, FitNesse gathers up the classpaths prior to running the test. The classpaths are found in the !path widgets of the test page, and every ancestor of the test page. The paths are ordered so that paths found on the subpages come before paths found on their parents.

variable defined: PROPERTY_DISPLAY= !lit?2? !path classes !path fitnesse.jar !|Import| |fitnesse.fixtures| !|script|java properties| |show|property|java.class.path|

script page driver
given page ParentPage with content !path parentPath
given page ParentPage.TestPage with content
!path classes
!path fitnesse.jar


!|script|java properties|
page ParentPage.TestPage?test should contain classes:fitnesse.jar:parentPath