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RSS - Real Simple Syndication

Use the following following url to get an RSS feed.

For FitNesse[?] to generate the links properly, the RSS_PREFIX variable must be defined.

Now lets set the RSS_PREFIX variable in the root page so that it is valid for the entire site. We'll also edit a couple pages.
Response Requester.
uri status?
root?responder=saveData&editTime=1&ticketId=2&pageContent=!define+RSS_PREFIX+{} 303
PageOne?responder=saveData&editTime=1&ticketId=2&pageContent=blah 303
PageTwo?responder=saveData&editTime=1&ticketId=2&pageContent=blah 303

Get the RSS!
Response Requester.
uri status?
?responder=rss 200

Let's have a look.
Response Examiner.
type pattern matches? wrapped html?
contents <\?xml version="1.0"\?> true  

Make sure it has all the right values.
Response Examiner.
type pattern matches?
contents <rss version="2.0"> true
contents <title>PageOne</title> true
contents <link></link> true
contents <title>PageTwo</title> true
contents <link></link> true