FitNesse. SuiteAcceptanceTests. SuiteSymbolicLinkTests.
CreateNestedBackSymbolicLink [add child]
Create an nested backward symbolic link from a sub-page:

First we need to create some pages to play with.
Page creator.
Page name. PageContents. valid?
LinkingPage LINKING PAGE true
LinkingPage.LinkingChild LINKING CHILD true
LinkingPage.LinkingChild.LinkingGrandChild LINKING GRAND CHILD true
LinkingPage.LinkingChild.LinkingGrandChild.LinkingGreatGrandChild LINKING GREAT GRAND CHILD true
LinkingPage.LinkingChild.LinkedChild LINKED CHILD true

Now we create a symbolic link named SymLink. This links LinkedPage.LinkedChild as a child of LinkingPage.LinkingChild.
Response Requester.
uri status?
LinkingPage.LinkingChild.LinkingGrandChild.LinkingGreatGrandChild?responder=symlink&linkName=SymLink&linkPath=<LinkingChild.LinkedChild 303