FitNesse. SuiteAcceptanceTests. SuiteVirtualWikiTests.
TestQuestionMarkLinkForChildPage [add child]

Test Deactivated

Due to changes the virtual wiki features is undergoing. This test should eventually get deleted.

A sub page link to a non-existent page on a virtual child should generate a [?] that edits the subpage of the remote parent.

Page creator.
Page name. Page contents. Page attributes. valid?
VirtualPage !contents VirtualWiki=http://localhost:80/AcceptanceTestPage true

Response Requester.
uri valid?
VirtualPage.ChildWithSubPageLinkToNonExistentPage true

Response Examiner
type pattern matches? value
contents <a href="http://localhost:80/AcceptanceTestPage.ChildWithSubPageLinkToNonExistentPage.NonExistentSubPage\?edit" target=".*">\?</a> true