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Import Update Form on Properties Page

Once a page has been updated, it no longer has the Wiki Import form. Instead is has a Wiki Import Update form. Essentially it is just one button that will update the imported pages.

First we need a page.
Page creator.
Page name. Page contents. valid?
ImportingPage !contents true

Import the SampleWiki.
Response Requester.
uri valid?
ImportingPage?responder=import&remoteUrl=http://localhost:80/FitNesse.SampleWiki true

Request the properties view of this page.
Response Requester.
uri valid?
ImportingPage?properties true

Now lets look at the form.
Response Examiner
type pattern matches? wrapped html?
contents Wiki Import Update true  

Response Examiner
type pattern matches?
contents <form .* action="ImportingPage#end" true
contents <input .* name="remoteUrl" false
contents <input .* value="Update Subpages" true