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TestUpdatingImportedWiki [add child]

 Set Up: .FitNesse.SuiteAcceptanceTests.SetUp (edit)
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Updating an Imported Wiki

Once a wiki has been imported, the import can be updated. When updating the remoteUrl parameter is no longer needed.

Create an importing page.
Page creator.
Page name. Page contents. valid?
ImportingPage !contents true

This ImportingPage will now import the SampleWiki page.
Response Requester.
uri valid?
ImportingPage?responder=import&remoteUrl=http://localhost:80/FitNesse.SampleWiki true

Now we'll change the content of one of the local pages.
Save Page Requester
uri save contents status! contents?
ImportingPage.ChildPageOne?edit 3.141592 303  

Update the imported wiki.
Response Requester.
uri valid?
ImportingPage?responder=import true

The ChildPageOne page will be listed.
Response Examiner
type pattern matches? wrapped html?
contents 0 pages were imported true  

When we view ChildPageOne...
Response Requester.
uri valid?
ImportingPage.ChildPageOne true

We'll see the changed content since the page on the server was not modified.
Response Examiner
type pattern matches?
contents child page one false
contents 3.141592 true