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TestSimpleTable [add child]

 Set Up: .FitNesse.SuiteAcceptanceTests.SetUp (edit)

This page tests a simple one-line table.

A simple table is created as follows
The resulting text will be rendered in a one line table of the form.

Action Fixture.
start Page Builder
enter line |a|b|c|
enter page SimpleTablePage
Response Requester.
uri valid? contents?
SimpleTablePage true  
Response Examiner.
type pattern matches? value
contents a true  

Response Examiner.
type number string?
line 1 <table border="1" cellspacing="0">
line 2 <tr><td>a</td>
line 3 <td>b</td>
line 4 <td>c</td>
line 5 </tr>
line 6 </table>