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25 Sep 2006 Over a Half Million Embedded Developers Behind On Their Learning Well not all of them
24 Jan 2006 Lack of bugs delays project Go back and find more bugs
19 Jan 2006 Alternative to the Hope and Pray Method for New Relaseses from 3rd Parties Use tests that show how your applcation interacts with its 3rd party code
19 Jan 2006 Vague Commitments vs. Detailed Delivery Commitments are made at a high level, but system sare evaluated at the detailed level
13 Jan 2006 Feeling Lucky, The Unwritten Requirement The rest of the system still has to work
27 Apr 2005 My 2 cents on C++ Coding Standards A simple C++ coding standard
27 Apr 2005 CppTestTools Memory Leak Detector Example of the memory leak detector built into CppTestTools
24 Apr 2005 Success is an Option Too Software development problems are not new. Agile addresses critical success factors identified by Standish Group Chaos Report
18 Apr 2005 The Problem of Managing Variations In C How a mess is created in C
14 Mar 2005 The Advantage of Not Having Hardware Yet Anticipated hardware is replaced by abstractions, creating a design that can stand the test of time
25 Feb 2005 TDD and Memory Leaks Prevent leaks with TDD
24 Feb 2005 They Are All Priority 1 How can a product manager deliver Ten Priority 1 Features
22 Feb 2005 Transforming Idea Ah! Ha! Experience of how objects can save embedded developers from reinventing the wheel

"It's easier to act your way into thinking differently than to think your way into acting differently"

"Their judgement was based on wishful thinking more than sound calculation of possibilities; for the usual thing among men is, when they want something, they will , without any reflection, leave that to hope, while they will employ the full force of reasoning in rejecting what they find unpalatable."