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Lack of Bugs Delays Project.

A team I know got into trouble with the process police. They did not find enough bugs in their reviews and downstream tests. What do you do? Celebrate? No, go back and look for more. It is not possible that you don’t have those bugs. We have data from 4000 developers. The bugs are there, you just did not look hard enough for them.

Well actually this team integrated early and wrote a bunch of unit tests and drastically cut their defects.

 Thu, 26 Jan 2006 22:39:59, Tim Ottinger, measuring the wrong thing
Well, there you go. Congrats for being under their minimum requirement. :-) I guess you could encourage them by telling them that you probably had that many bugs, but you corrected them as they occurred rather than making a big bug collection for them to sort through.

Of course, it's not surprize that this kind of thing happens. People always measure the wrong things. Or maybe that's the right thing, if it's proving (through doubly searching the code base) that you are doing something amazingly right. I can't blame them for blinking and sniffing at anything that's different from the norm as they know it.