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PalmLifeDrivePremature [add child]

Palm LifeDrive Premature.

I bought a Palm Lifedrive. A very nice machine. Elegant, simple, pretty.

And it doesn't work. Every time I tried to turn on wifi, I got a crash at some line number of some c program. (sigh).

So I wrapped it up and took it back.

I don't have time to mess around with software products that haven't been tested adequately.

Second Installment.

I took the unit back to the store. They tried it out, and it worked perfectly. I had done a factory reset just before packing it up, so I surmised that it was the hotsync with my PC that had screwed it up. So I figured I'd give it another shot. I tried all kinds of wifi activities, and it worked great until I hotsynced it again. Then the symptom reasserted itself.

While I was playing with it, I found that there are some features that I realy like, like the SMS manager. I can send text messages through the bluetooth connection with my phone. Cool.

Next I suppose I should reinstall from the CD. Bleah.

Third Installment

Phooey! I reinstalled from the CD, and got the same symptom. Something on the Palm-One CD is corrupting the wifi driver on the lifedrive. Bah! I've spent too many hours on this. Back to the store it goes for the last and final time.


 Tue, 6 Sep 2005 03:24:06, Giannandrea, How about use it as ebook?
I'm evaluating to buy a life drive but considering what you say I wait. Have you used it to read pdf or html documents? Are they readable or the screen is too small?

 Wed, 7 Sep 2005 06:03:59, Sebastian K├╝beck,
Unfortunately, it's not better with Windows CE PDAs.
I wasted hours until I finally threw it away.

I think that at some time in the future people will undust
their ancient Apple II, Macs, PCs again for the simple
reason that they'll have no time to work with the
technology of their time :-(.