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20 Dec 2006 New Blog Site We have a new blog site.
20 Dec 2006 Java Dates The horrible state of Dates in the Java standard library.
5 Dec 2006 Sketch Fighter If you own a Mac, you need to get this game.
26 Oct 2006 Abstract Factory by Daniel T Another "story" about Abstract Factory.
20 Oct 2006 The Hungarian Abhorrence Principle Denoting data type in variable names implies a design flaw.
18 Oct 2006 Rubarian Notation Egad! I am tempted to denote type in my ruby variable names!
18 Oct 2006 Craftsman 49 Abstract Factory
15 Oct 2006 P2M2: Pair Programming Maturity Model Pairing is useful, but...
29 Sep 2006 Craftsman Column All the "Crafstman" columns, including some that never made it to print.
6 Sep 2006 Safe Computations Math in a computer is not the same as math on paper.
5 Sep 2006 Convex Hull Timing More on the preformance of computational geometry."
4 Sep 2006 Joel on Ruby Joel says: "No! Don't do it!"
2 Sep 2006 The Yes and No Game A fun game to play with preschoolers, with a twist.
1 Sep 2006 Untested Code is the Dark Matter of Software Another response to Cedric
1 Sep 2006 The Danger of Mock Objects A response to Cedric
31 Aug 2006 Making Messes in Ruby It's easy!
30 Aug 2006 Refactoring Paralysis I wish I had a refactoring tool in Ruby!
28 Aug 2006 Comparing the Speed of Java, C++, and Ruby A simple benchmark with some surprises
26 Aug 2006 Stardust An astronomy lecture, and a best man's toast.
25 Aug 2006 The Perverse Nature of Performance Tuning It never works exactly the way you think.
18 Aug 2006 SRP in Ruby The Single Responsibility Principle in Ruby
17 Aug 2006 Ruby Combinations An issue with making Ruby code clean.
14 Aug 2006 Common Decency Washroom Etiquette
13 Aug 2006 Rails I've just started reading the (beta) Agile Web Development in Railsß
2 Aug 2006 Green Wrist Band Get your own!
12 Jun 2006 Agile People Still Don't Get It Response to a rant by Cedrick.
10 Jun 2006 Roman Numerals and Link Farmers Ever more security measures.
10 Jun 2006 Taking Care An attitude of development.
8 Jun 2006 Mac Book Pro Comic More on a sweet machine.
20 May 2006 Mac Book Pro A sweet machine.
8 Apr 2006 Wading through Code Get your hip-boots on.
23 Mar 2006 New Java Enums are Cool I have found the new Java Enums to be more than just curiosities.
20 Mar 2006 Architecture is a secondary effect. Architecture is important to keeping a system flexible, changeable, malleable. But it's a secondary effect.
15 Feb 2006 Clean Code: Args. An article about professionalism, craftsmanship, and refactoring.
19 Jan 2006 The Prime Directive of Agile Development. At the heart of the Agile movement there is a central theme: 'Never Be Blocked'
7 Jan 2006 Agile means you never have so meet your deadlines. A common myth
30 Dec 2005 On Documentation Documenation is not evil, and is not anathema to Agile.
1 Dec 2005 John Vlissides Obituary
17 Nov 2005 MSTDD Microsoft's notion of TDD.
8 Nov 2005 Bounded Wildcards More on the wonderfully twisted subtype relationships of generics.
5 Nov 2005 Is a list of circles a list of shapes? Of the wonderfully twisted subtype relationships of lists.
26 Oct 2005 Does Visual Studio Rot the Mind? A truly wonderful article (talk) by Charles Petzold
25 Oct 2005 Extract Class A pleasant combination of refactorings using IntelliJ[?] (and Eclipse?)
19 Oct 2005 Analysis vs. Design The difference between "what" and "how".
10 Oct 2005 Frackin' Variable Naming Contest Please help me figure out what the name of this variable should be.
7 Oct 2005 The Bastard Child Are unit tests the bastard child? How well do we treat them?
6 Oct 2005 The Three Rules of TDD Test Driven Development is driven by three simple rules.
5 Oct 2005 The Sensitivity Problem Software is very sensitive to error. Others have solved this problem.
5 Sep 2005 Palm Life Drive Premature? Elegant, cute, not ready for prime time.
30 Aug 2005 Pronouncing Binary How to pronounce binary numbers.
27 Aug 2005 World Weary XPers Purity, Stridence, or just being Right?
27 Aug 2005 Joel on XP (Again) Oh, Joel!
25 July 2005 The Agile Test A set of questions I asked during my Agile 2005 Keynote.
24 Jun 2005 The Prime Factors Kata Another Kata exploring a simple algorithm with rich implications.
23 Jun 2005 The Bowling Game Kata A complete Kata worked out in tiny little steps.
20 Jun 2005 The Coding Dojo A programming metaphor from the domain of martial arts.
11 May 2005 Principles of OOD Eleven principles of object oriented design.
10 May 2005 Empirical vs. Analytical Analysis A simple example showing the interplay between empirical and analytical analysis
30 Apr 2005 Visitor vs. instanceof When should you use Visitor, Acyclic Visitor, and instanceof
26 Mar 2005 Conformance To Plan Why is conformance to plan such a big deal? Especially since we almost never do.
18 Mar 2005 Joel and Eckel On XP How can two such credible people come away with two such different views?
13 Mar 2005 Brain Surgery Guides A Metaphor for Acceptance Tests.
3 Mar 2005 Just 10 Minutes without a Test I lapsed for ten minutes. I paid the price.
24 Feb 2005 Vehement Mediocrity Why do junior developers always argue that quality takes time?
21 Feb 2005 The Next Big Thing The next big thing that will capture the industry's attention
7 Feb 2005 Incremental Architecture Making long term sweeping architecture changes incremenally
8 Jan 2005 Stable Dependencies Fixture Yet another fixture to complement the JDepend suite of FitNesse[?] fixtures.
5 Jan 2005 Module Metrics Fixture A new fixture to complement the Module Dependencies Fixture in my previous blog
23 Dec 2--4 The JDepend Fixture Merry Christmas Everyone. Here's a free gift for you all.
7 Dec 2004 Outlook. Ugh. Who ARE these people?
22 Nov 2004 Home Computer of the Future Is this a fraud?
9 Nov 2004 Singleton vs. Just Create One The case against rampant use of the Singleton pattern
23 Sep 2004 The Web: Welcome to the 70's Feeling sorry for myself.
31 Aug 2004 A Wonderful Race Condition A cool discussion about an obscure technical detail.
31 Aug 2004 Speed Kills Another Tortoise and Hare rant.
21 Aug 2004 Skepticism Leads to Understanding A rant about something or other.
5 Aug 2004 I use Visitor all the time A defense of the poor Visitor pattern.