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DotGraphics allows graph images to be used in tests in any of the FitLibrary fixture. For example, graphs are used in the following DoFixture example:


check graph

This requires that Dot, an open-source graph visualization system, is installed. Dot is available at

The corresponding fixture is as follows:

public class DoGraphics extends DoFixture {
public DotGraphic graph() {
return new DotGraphic("digraph G {\n"+

Because of the special type DotGraphic , FitLibrary expects that the cell contains a IMAGE link to an image file, which has an associated text file. DotGraphic compares the text of the associated text file with the text supplied by the graph() method. If it's the same, the cell is colored green; otherwise, Dot is run on the actual text and the resulting image is displayed as the actual value.

See Chapters 11 and 29 of the FitBook for other examples.

A DotGraphic is a MetaTypeAdapter.