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ImageNameGraphic [add child]
Here we use images in a GridFixture; they can be used as a value with any of the FitLibrary[?] fixtures.

The corresponding code:

public class GridFixtureUnderTest extends DoFixture {
public Fixture images() {
return new GridFixture(new ImageNameGraphic[][] {
{ new ImageNameGraphic("images/wall.jpg"),
new ImageNameGraphic("gameImages/space.jpg"),
new ImageNameGraphic("gameImages/box.jpg"),
new ImageNameGraphic("gameImages/space.jpg"),
new ImageNameGraphic("gameImages/wall.jpg") }});

Because the type is ImageNameGraphic, the values in the grid are treated specially. The file name for the image is compared against the file name in the ImageNameGraphic. An ImageNameGraphic is a MetaTypeAdapter.